New Medieval MiniWorld set in the work

inspired by the story of the sword in the stone from many stories of young king Arthur

Ancient Egypt MiniWorld new set: Accessories

Some accessories to add to your Egyptian sets or to the Bible MiniWorld sets of the story of Moses
Free to download here:

Egyptian chariot paper toys

2 figures: a chariot driver and Pharaoh, wearing his Khepresh—blue crown (royal headdress), two finely decorated horses, and the chariot.
Perfect to enhance homeschooling studies of ancient history, these mini-figures are about 5 cm high and come with many removable accessories. You can also print them in a larger size for a school display.
Easy to build paper craft, recommended for age 10, but once built, children younger can play with these figures.

Assembly instructions included.

This Egyptian MiniWorld set is compatible with other MiniWorld sets (The Castle, The Dinosaur series, The Vikings, the medieval set and the Bible MiniWorld series).

You can buy "Egyptian chariot" Antiquity MiniWorld model with instant download at my Etsy shop here:
Check also my web site for additional parts or other sets as well as a variety of other projects to download and create with your family.

New sci-fi MiniWorld set: Robots

A new sci-fi MiniWorld set: Robots, to load and unload crates and other goods in cargo bay. Free to download at my web site here:

Easy to build robots, included in the file: one bigger robot (the one in charge), and 4 small ones to carry things around plus some crates.

Coming in the future, I have plans for a cargo bay and a landing platform with many new accessories, more MiniPeople and robots.

"Jesus is Alive" app for i-Phone and i-Pad

An app for your iPhone and iPad created by Dave Peterson using my artwork.

This Bible Easter app for kids includes a wonderful story, interactive jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, and a matching game.

The app is free for everyone: nothing to purchase, no ads

You can download it here 

Visit my web site for the Christmas app available also for free 

Preview photo Egyptian chariot

Here a preview photo of a new project in the work, in the series MiniWorld, an Egyptian chariot, to use with the Bible story of Moses or for a diorama for a school project on Ancient Egypt.

This is not the final product yet, but a preview, some details will be fix and changed, and color added and 2 new Minipeople.

New Sci-fi MiniWorld set - Captain Antares

Embark on new adventures to explore the universe, visit the stars, and discover strange worlds with this new MiniWorld series set in the future, with a touch of retro style.

This is the first set, with more to come.
Offer to download for free at my web site:


Bible MiniWorld - The Easter Story

New set ready to download

The set “The Easter story” includes: 17 MiniPeople with different accessories, a large scenery set of a tomb carved into a rock, a palm tree, and 4 terrain tiles.

With this set “The Easter story” you can recreate the scene told in the four Gospels of the New Testament part of the Bible. Included with this set is a story booklet with photos created with the different parts from the model. You can use this story booklet to retell the story or for ideas to create small scenes for a display during the Easter season.

Visit my web site for more details about this set and how to download it here:

3D Bible Calendar for March 2017

You can download the PDF here: